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Energy Efficiency

Often the most cost-effective measures that a building owner can take to save on energy costs are to install more energy-efficient systems that either use or generate electricity. For example, many buildings are still using outdated lighting, HVAC and building automation technologies that waste Energyelectricity or fuel unnecessarily. Advances in these technologies allow for significant reductions in energy use without even changing behavior or use patterns. Often, these efficiency measures pay for themselves in a very short timeframe. Others may greatly enhance the comfort and ease of use for the occupants of the buildings.

There are financing mechanisms and various state, federal and utility funding programs available that make energy efficiency upgrades attainable for building owners within budget. Blue Sky Power helps building owners finance such projects, navigating the often complex statutory and regulatory programs, ensuring the financing structures are viable and compliant with those programs, and assisting in the implementation and construction phases of energy efficiency projects. In fact, Blue Sky Power encourages building owners to consider making energy efficiency an integral part of any energy generation project that our clients undertake.

Learn more about energy efficiency technologies and how Blue Sky Power helps our clients save money by becoming more energy efficient.


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