Blue Sky Power

Energy Infrastructure

Energy Infrastructure is the physical and organizational elements that ultimately deliver energy to the end user. Generators, turbines, fuel cells, photovoltaic arrays and other assets generate electrical and thermal energy from conversion of fuel sources such as natural gas or sunlight. Inverters, condensers, compressors, pumps and other equipment condition the energy into a form that is usable. Pipes, wires and ducts act as conduits that convey the energy in its various forms from the place where it is generated to the place where it is ultimately used. Thermostats, valves, pumps , sensors and other building automation systems moderate the delivery of that energy. All of these different parts and pieces of equipment, and many more, combine to constitute the energy infrastructure of a facility. Efficiency measures can be deployed on the infrastructure to upgrade or otherwise impact these systems to deliver the energy better, faster and cheaper, which ultimately translates into lower costs and better operations. At Blue Sky Power, we work with our customers to inventory and understand their energy infrastructure completely so that we can take a holistic approach to meeting our customers’ energy needs in a way that saves money and improves their facilities.


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