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Combined Heat and Power

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems – also known as “cogeneration” – use traditional fuels in new, more efficient ways to produce electricity and useful heat energy. CHP systems can also use renewable fuel sources such as biogas, which further enhances the clean characteristics of these systems.

CHPWith a combined heat and power CHP system the heat given off by a working engine or combustion turbine is captured and used to warm the air and/or water for a building or buildings, or be used in manufacturing or other processes that require heat energy. Such systems, which produce both electrical and thermal power, are incredibly efficient because very little energy goes to waste. Whereas a standard fossil-fuel powered generating station may capture less than 50 percent of the energy in the fuel source, a cogeneration system can capture 80 percent or more.

A cogeneration system can be built on-site at your institution or business and, once operational, significantly reduce your annual energy costs.

To learn more about this process and how Blue Sky Power can make combined heat and power a reality for your institution or business, click here.


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