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MicrogridsLarge, regional power grids leave consumers vulnerable to widespread power outages. This can have dangerous consequences. They also are inefficient and result in power losses inherent in the transport of power over long distances, which results in higher costs. Finally, the regional power grids usually incorporate dirty, traditional power generation facilities in their mix of power sources. Microgrids can offer solutions to all of these problems.

Microgrids are small, on-site power generation and distribution systems that can utilize a range of energy technologies: solar, cogeneration and others. Among other benefits, microgrids offer protection against blackouts. Customers still have access to electricity from the regional grid, but also have a reliable source of power from what is essentially a self-contained local electric grid. That local grid can operate in isolation from the regional grid during power outages.

Beyond this reliability and security, a microgrid means greater energy efficiency and cost savings. When power from the regional grid is cheap, the microgrid automatically purchases electricity from the local utility. When power is more expensive from the regional grid, the microgrid produces its own power at a lower cost. Excess power that the microgrid produces is sold back to the regional utility.

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