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Blue Sky Power connects institutions and communities to reliable ultra-clean energy infrastructure at substantial savings by forging innovative finance structures and executing effective project development strategies.

Core Values

Integrity, Excellence, Fortitude, Innovation, Collaborative, Passionate, Responsive

About Blue Sky Power

Blue Sky Power is an innovative and well respected clean energy infrastructure development firm, which develops and operates productive institutional scale clean energy projects for public and private entities with a high level of professionalism and integrity. The company has built a reputation for breaking through barriers and overcoming even the most complex financial, technical and legal obstacles to bring its projects to fruition. Operating systems are optimized and fully integrated into each institution’s energy infrastructure operations.

Blue Sky Power reduces energy costs and increase operational efficiency through its Energy Infrastructure Operations™ (EIO™) platform. EIO™ integrates on-site clean energy and energy infrastructure by installing new efficient systems and consolidating energy costs and operations. Through EIO™, what was once numerous energy bills and separate sole source providers becomes one.

Blue Sky Power develops, finances and operates clean energy infrastructure for institutional and governmental facilities, with particular sectors focus and expertise in health care and education. Hospitals, Universities, Governments and Institutions spend significant resources on energy, usually one of the top few costs in any operating or capital budget. While expanding operations, little is done to address ever increasing energy costs and replace aging and inefficient systems. Blue Sky Power finances, owns and operates an institution’s energy infrastructure to free up capital resources so the institution can concentrate on its core mission, such as healing the sick, educating students, producing clean water or advancing economic growth.


Blue Sky Power's Integrated EIO™


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Company Profiles:

Benjamin S. Parvey II
Chief Executive Officer

Matthew T. Stanger
Chief Development Officer





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