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GovernmentMunicipal government and school district budgets are strained as never before, and taxpayers are demanding that government do more with less. Engaged taxpayers support clean energy, yet are leery about paying for new projects.

At Blue Sky Power, we implement clean energy projects that produce substantial savings for governmental entities. We have worked on clean energy projects for over 25 school districts, state, county, and municipal governmental entities.

Our executives have worked on more than $26 billion of financings for school districts, municipalities, counties, states and independent public authorities to provide funds to construct clean energy systems, schools, municipal buildings, airport facilities, water and wastewater systems, and various other capital projects.

Undertaking clean energy projects can be a daunting task, due to the many different service providers and the complexities of financing such projects. Blue Sky Power makes it easy to produce clean energy while realizing substantial savings.


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