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Blue Sky Power’s Energy Infrastructure Operations™ (EIO™) platform enables institutions to reduce energy costs and increase operational efficiency. EIO™ is a central platform for optimizing energy resources by integrating on-site clean energy and energy infrastructure while consolidating energy costs and improving operations. Through EIO™, numerous energy bills and separate providers are consolidated to one. Blue Sky Power finances, owns and operates institutional energy infrastructure to free up capital and resources so the institution can concentrate on its core mission, such as healing the sick, educating students, producing clean water or advancing economic growth.

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Blue Sky Power is a clean energy project manager and developer and a system owner-operator.

Apart from managing clean energy capital projects and investing in clean energy systems, we also provide the following related services:

  • Finance structuring
  • Clean energy investment
  • Analysis of state and federal incentives
  • Permitting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • System monitoring

The clean energy market is poised for explosive growth through public private partnership. With proper structuring of clean energy projects, Blue Sky will help you capitalize on private investment and public incentives to produce the maximum economic benefit. Blue Sky's project development and management services allow governments, institutions and companies to concentrate on their core competencies while Blue Sky helps them successfully manage, navigate and operate clean energy projects.

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