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Testimonials from our clients

Herman Saatkamp

Stockton College is known as New Jersey’s Green College, a moniker of which we are quite proud. We commend the achievements of our faculty who have helped Stockton College become internationally recognized for having one of the nation’s first and largest closed-loop geothermal systems, as well as the first Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage System in the United States. Stockton is a center of clean energy innovation. Blue Sky Power financed, built, owns and operates clean energy infrastructure on our campus and it is a pleasure working with such an excellent, driven and resourceful team of professionals. Stockton’s new clean energy infrastructure project with Blue Sky Power consists of almost 1MW of solar carport canopies, as well as thermal energy generation on our North Campus and a wirelessly integrated energy management system. This integrated clean energy infrastructure project is quite innovative and another successful clean energy public/private collaboration here at Stockton College.


- Dr. Herman Saatkamp, President
Richard Stockton College

[Richard Stockton College project]

Tommy Parlapanides

Our sprawling Golden Eagles campus is powered by 1.5 MW of clean energy thanks to Blue Sky Power. As Superintendent, I am also a graduate of Central Regional and passionate about our school and community. My faculty and students know that I am encouraging and driven to help them succeed. We had an early vision for a clean energy campus and were told Blue Sky Power would get it done. They did, and we are excited to be a model school district for clean energy. We have drastically reduced our energy costs with clean energy generation, efficiency, behavior modification, training, and procurement. Here at Central Regional, we produce about 90% of our energy on campus from clean energy.


- Dr. Tommy Parlapanides, Superintendent
Central Regional School District

[Central Regional School District project]

David Mayer

As Mayor of Gloucester Township, I tasked Blue Sky Power with an innovative and collaborative mission to create an Energy Master Plan for our strong and rapidly growing community. With integrity and fortitude, Blue Sky Power has helped us implement that plan, saving our residents substantial money for many years to come while rapidly reducing our carbon footprint. With Blue Sky Power, we now have new efficient energy infrastructure for our schools, solar energy powering the Township and drastically reduced energy costs. Blue Sky Power’s holistic and integrated approach to energy generation, reduction and savings is essential to the success of our Green Township.


- David Mayer, Mayor
Gloucester Township, NJ

[Gloucester Township project]

George Heflich

While having the honor of serving two terms as Chairman of the Masonic Charity Foundation, it was my distinct pleasure to work with Blue Sky Power and its founders Ben and Matt. Their integrity, passion and responsibilities helped me, our Board and administration to build our solar project. They are now working on our energy infrastructure and increasing our efficiency. The money saved from these projects allows us to provide excellent care for our residents. Although we are a hundred and twenty year old senior campus on 400 acres, we are powered by clean modern energy and have state of the art energy infrastructure. After almost 2 years with an international bank, our contractor and our professionals trying to develop and finance our project, we were about to give up. But we brought in Blue Sky Power and they got our project developed and financed, permitted and built. They got all our fees reimbursed and we paid nothing for our 1.2 MW clean energy project. Now we buy clean, cheaper power, helping our budget and allowing us to stick to our core mission for our residents, “We Prove, We Care.”


- Dr. George Heflich, President
Masonic Charity Foundation

[Masonic Charity Foundation project]


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